Want To Know How To Keep An Erection?

Would you like to know how to keep an erection going strong, deep into overtime?

Many guys have a unique problem when it comes to the use of male sex pills. They get an instant erection that makes them ready for sex, but it also heightens the level of sensitivity they have during the initial penetration and eventual friction that makes sex awesome.

longer-erectionThe increased blood flow causes premature ejaculation and that means you’ve got to somehow stay in control.

Are you struggling to stay hard when you’re ready to have sex?

Here are some tips to help keep your dick hard so that your partner will want to keep coming back for more.

Be In Control of the Timing

When you’ve got a hard erection, the initial inclination of most guys is to penetrate as deeply as possible. This feels incredible, but it also causes the cum to spring forth WAY too soon. You might even causes your partner to orgasm too in these circumstances, but who wants to have 10 seconds of sex followed by an hour of cuddling?

You’ve got to be in control from the very beginning of penetration. Start slowly and try not to penetrate too deeply. Control your thrusts so that you’re only having one every three seconds or so. You can then begin to work up the pace as you feel more in control to one thrust every second. If you start to feel the cum flowing, then slow down or even stop. Use the other sensations you can provide your partner until you’re back in control and then just start back at the beginning once again.

Thinking About Baseball? It Doesn’t Work!

A lot of guys have been told that the best way to control when they orgasm is to think of something unattractive. It could be anything from baseball to Dennis Rodman – the point is to get your mind off the orgasm. That doesn’t work. It won’t. When your dick feels good, that’s the overriding thought that you have no matter what. There’s no exception to this at all.

There are a few things that you can do to lessen the amount of impact that penetration can have on your sensitivity:

  • avoid sexual positions where it feels like you penetrate more deeply;
  • focus on positions that allow for side penetration because it will stimulate your partner without over stimulating you; and
  • consider rotating through several different positions because this will give your sensitivity a break every now and then.

What works for some guys isn’t going to work for every guy. Some guys are more stimulated when they’re standing up while others are more stimulated by the missionary position. Experiment to see which works best for you so that you run a marathon instead of a wind sprint.

Practice Makes Perfect!

What guys need to do is learn how to keep an erection based on their own sensitivity levels. It’s a new sensation for guys when they are that sensitive by taking male enhancement products, so you’ve literally got to relearn what you have already learned. You must discover how to stay in control once again when you are touched and there is nothing like real life experience to help facilitate that work.

last-longer-in-bedWhat you shouldn’t do, however, is try to numb the tissues of the penis. Some guys get desperate because they come too soon and so they’ll put on numbing agents or drying lotions on their dick in an attempt to make sex better. There are guys who have even rubbed their dicks with toothpaste or an alcoholic mouthwash to try removing sensitivity! That stuff won’t work and it could cause problems for your partner too.

Instead of using external desensitizing products, try an internal exercise that will keep you in control. Your kegels, which you can feel when you squeeze off the flow of urine, will help to give you more control. Tighten the muscles as best as you can without tightening your quads or your butt as much as possible and hold each rep for at least 10 seconds. Do 3 sets of 10 reps each day at minimum and as an added benefit, you could improve your prostate health by doing this as well.

If you want to know how to keep an erection, then take these tips to heart. Be smart about how you use your dick and you’ll cum when you want, not when your body wants.

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