Best Sex Positions for Small Penises

They say it’s not the size that matters, but the motion. These sex positions are perfect for taking advantage of that motion in the best way possible.

Public Service Announcement: Don’t Forget the Foreplay!

It doesn’t matter if you’re hung like a horse or a hamster, the experience isn’t going to be as pleasurable and satisfying for HER without the foreplay.

Remember, it’s not all about you.

Now, without further interruption, here are the best sex positions for men that are less endowed!

Doggy-StyleDoggy Style

Rear-entry positions in general are fantastic for men with smaller penises. Doggy style, especially if she keeps her thighs close together, is perfect. Additionally, positions like this where you are behind her just exuding dominance, and are ideal for adding a sexy spanking or a bit of kinky play, if you and she feel so inclined.

If your lady doesn’t feel like messing up her makeup on a pillow, try the Standing Doggy style instead. The positioning is the same, she just leans over a table or counter instead.

Reverse-CowgirlReverse Cowgirl

This is, without a doubt, one of the best girl-on-top positions outside of the Karma Sutra. Lie on your back and have her sit on you, facing away. Not only does this leave you in control, it puts her in the perfect position for some self-stimulation while she gyrates.

This is a great position for the use of a vibrating cock ring or handheld vibrator as well, for her, you or both of you.

Legs Up

These positions have so many names, and no one can agree which one is right. Have her lay on her back, with her hips and buttocks supported with a pillow or folded blanket. Where her legs go is up to you. Press them up so her knees are by her ears, put them over your shoulders, or hold them out in a v-formation, the choice is yours.

This is a fantastic position for g-spot stimulation as well, since you’re entering at a slightly upward angle. This is where men with small penises have the advantage. Well endowed men tend to completely bypass the g-spot and go right to banging against her cervix. Smaller penises are perfect for stimulating her g-spot since it’s only about 2 inches in.

Splitting Bamboo/Scissor Split

This is another phenomenal move that no one can agree on the name of. Have her lay on her back and throw one leg over your shoulder while you straddle her other leg. This position shortens the vaginal canal, making each thrust feel deeper

This is another position that is perfect for clitoral stimulation, either from you or from her. Handheld vibrators are ideal for this as well.


Spooning is a very intimate position but it is also perfect for men with small penises. Press your entire body against her back and enter her while she keeps her legs pressed together. This will provide a phenomenal tightness while still keeping the two of you close together.

Though not as athletic or intense as some of the others, spooning can be an ideal alternative for those nights where you just want to be close to each other. While there are some other positions that work well for men in this situation, these are some of the best.

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